May 2008 1st Pool

Beep Beep. Look out here comes Linda

No Linda, Eileen cannot talk underwater.

Myles, do not teach Mason those things. Be a good big brother.

Mason you can stand up now, and no you cannot breath through a snorkel.

Chuck's best side.

John show Nicole where the hoses go.

DeeAnn and Angela, what a buddy team.

Angela, watch DeeAnn closely now.

Ok DeeAnn blow a ring.

Nicole you do not have to repeat your question. We can go up.

Look out, Earthquake...

Eileen and Linda, proud they got the BC on the tank.

Ok Mason, dont move.

I think there are ghosts in the image.

So what do you think Nicole?

Zoro Pumpkinhead.

I promise both hands are ok.

Linda's big fish tale.

Look out Linda, Eileen is trying to pass on the left.

Are you ready Linda?

Now it is your turn for rings Linda...

Nicole scuba's to her own beat.

Myles checking to see if his imaginary scuba buddy is ok.

So what is so important on the floor.

Mason clear your mask quick, here comes Richard.

Did Mason grow, or has Richard shrunk.

Mason, who turned out the lights.

Mason hasn't your mother taught you not to stick our your tongue.

The ghosts are still in the picture.

Nicole really wants to go up.

Donna show Myles how to attach that vest thingie.

Ok Myles, do not undo the tank.

So Myles taught Mason how to stick his tongue out.

What do John and Nicole have to smile about. Oh Yea. SCUBA.

Nicole you have to blow to create rings.

Nicole must be made out of cork.

Donna trying to make peace with Myles.

The whole gang is here. Scary.

We see you trying to sneak away Nicole.

So this is a BC.

Go Speed Racer,

Freeze, put your hands on the wall.

Look out for the elusive bat tech diver.

Students on the Dark Side.

Students on the Light Side.

Now this is where the buckle goes.

Richard, share that air with Mason.

WooHoo, we can vomit in our regulators.

Is class over yet???

Now where does this hose go...

Its getting dark again.

Why is everyone standing, I said DUMP>....


Students: Nicole, Mason, Myles, Linda, DeeAnn
Buddies: Eileen, Angela, Little Richard, John, Donna