Scuba Diving Schools

Diving For Science

Cost: $230.00 - For Certification Course

$265.00 - As A Specialty (includes card)


This program helps assure that all diving operations in Spring Lake are procedurally safe as well as environmentally sensitive. Once a diver receives authorization to dive, that diver is eligible to participate in research dives after completing the course. Returning divers will be assigned research projects and diving assignments that are needed in Spring Lake at the time.

This  two day course focuses on the Edwards Aquifer, the habitat, endangered species, archeology, and state and federal regulations governing Spring Lake.

Spring Lake is one of the state's best and most visible diving lakes and is comparable to visibility in the Caribbean Sea.

The goal of every diver should be to progress through the program by continued diving at Spring Lake to reach the A4 or A5 level.

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See what some of our divers have to say about the joys of Diving For Science.

Ron - "This past weekend was fascinating.  I had LOTS of fun diving with and meeting new friends as well as having a great learning experience.  The endangered species and the internal workins of the springs and aquifer was eye opening.  Being a part of this wonderful project is very satifying and also humbling.  It is important to me to be able to help maintain this critical habitat and natural resource for future generations.  I am looking forward to returning to Spring Lake to dive and work in this wonderful place."

Gene - "This class was interesting, informative, and fun.  The chance to dive in this protected area made the class all the more worthwhile."

Andy - "Not only did I learn about one of the most important aquifers, the Edwards, in the state, but I also had the pleasure of diving in the incredible environment it created.  During the dives I used my diving skills to help maintain the environment and if you think you had buoyancy under the control, the Scientific Diving program will make you better at it.  Well worth money spent."

Chuck - I took the Diving for Science class for the first time in 2005.  I am really glad this was something that I decided to do again.  It was exciting, fun, education, and close by and gives you the opportunity to move up in the program simply by going back again and again.  I would recommend this fascinating program to any divers.  The retaking of the Scientific Diver course renewed my spirit of protecting the environment and this critical habitat so that divers can continue to enjoy it as I do.